The Team Behind Lenell…

Hi Friends,

Our journey began with a dream, a vision and a goal in mind. We were two young women walking through the streets of L.A. envisioning a shift in the event planning industry. Realizing all of the elements we stand for align with the way we approach each and every event we have been blessed to be a part of. True at heart we are environmentalists, connoisseurs and event planning enthusiasts.  We were able to fuse these principles into a key lifestyle granting us to create valuable relationships with each and every person we encounter.

On our free time we enjoy a great conversation with a bold cup of coffee from our local coffeehouse. If you can’t find us hiking a trail somewhere is L.A. we might be attending a Fundraiser supporting a cause we are truly passionate about. With a background in Marketing and Consumer Sciences we are true believers in helping establish solid foundations. This concept plays an integral role throughout different channels of connecting people together.  We are able to be versatile and allow our personalities to shine through our work. This is why we love the field we are in!

Well, that’s us in a nutshell, but what about all of the work we do. Well, our motto is to create life-long relationships with our clients and vendors. We specialize in making the event-planning process as fun and stress free as possible and creating the vision our clients imagine. We combine the aesthetics and expertise of our vendors, establishing the experience our clients want for their event.

Live. Laugh. Love

Nell & Lelean



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