Fashion Trends

Eco-Friendly Fashion to Love!

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Eco-friendly products are trending with full force and fashion is no exception.

Who wouldn’t adore fashion totally committed to staying green?

In honor of Earth Day, I’ve put together the top 3 guilt-free fashion labels one can choose from when looking for evening attire. A favorite of mine, Svilu founded by Britt Cosgrove and Marina Polo. Svilu is for those who appreciate a good Bohemian, relaxed vibe using locally produced and organic products. Second, if you are as crazy about luxury bags, you will love Freedom of Animals. Co-founder, Morgan Bogle, has interned with the fabulous Marc Jacobs and Elle Magazine. Freedom of Animals mission is solely to produce high-quality luxurious bags using only organic fabrics and cotton. Last but definitely not least, Mina + Olya! This pair creates quality, sustainable garments with organic fabrics. Mina Yazdi and Olya Dzilikhova first met as colleagues at a leading consulting firm. These leading ladies continue to be inspired by their Iranian and Russian heritage, incorporating the rich culture into all their designs. All three labels have a shared vision and passion for creating beautiful one-of-a kind fashion for eco-conscious consumers! They offer great timeless pieces for special occasions & parties.


Live. Laugh. Love

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