Nell in Lenell

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I often reflect back to each event and find what truly inspired me, setting the stage for each post. For each event I am able to find something that stands out to me and resonates on a deeper level. A couple days ago as I was in deep thought about the busy week behind us and the extra busy week ahead of us I thought, “what is the common inspiration I have for all of these events?” Then it came to me, it’s Nell. That’s what it was, the Nell in Lenell. She’s not just my sister, my best friend or my business partner but the trendsetter, team builder, epicurean and above all perfectionist. Lenell’s growth and successful achievement/execution of every event is due to the harmonious synergy she creates with the Lenell team. Her leadership has harvested the foundation for creating one-of-a kind events. With each event you will be sure to see that she has added her own sparkle and style to make it extra special. The face of Lenell, she is always finding new inspirations for creating these unique events. She is the design architect with the aesthetic ability to bring together a range of unique styles creating a polished and trendy look for each event. Her logistical expertise garners the ability to utilize all resources for flawless transitions throughout each event. Her integral role helps Lenell set the bar in special event production. Without a doubt she is a one-of-a kind innovator and trendsetter that truly stands by Lenell’s core values. After each event we have a reflection meeting with the team to discuss the execution of the event (what went great, where we can improve and any observations that were made). Nell always makes sure that each team member’s thoughts and ideas are accounted for to improve all of our future events. With that said, thanks Nell for being my inspiration. As she always says, “Always remember to…

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