Je Ne Sais Quoi

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The sparkle in their eyes can you tell the story of their love; an everlasting love, respect and passion amongst this amazing couple. Since day one of planning for their BIG Day, I could feel the energy exuberating from this couple. Every decision and plan was done in sync with one another and complimenting each other’s preferences. The day of the event couldn’t have been more beautiful. The weather was perfectly warm enough to enjoy the outdoor ceremony, while all of the details were put into place inside the ballroom and foyer. It was truly a seamless production. Our bride and groom were as cool as can be, soaking up all of the festivities of the day. The room was adorned with the most beautiful flowers. Centerpieces hanging from the chandeliers, a built-in stage for a 16-piece band, a varietal of personalized giveaways, and a customized runway for the ceremony. It was just perfect! The energy, cuisine, entertainment, aesthetics; everything worked so well together, making it a truly unforgettable event. So excited that I got to finally share details about this wedding!

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 4.36.51 PM

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