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Vera Wang, Tom Ford, floating cakes, custom built stage, cutting edge design and the list goes on. This wedding was a bridal extraordinaire. Over six hundreds guests wined, dined, mingled and celebrated this amazing affair. Each and every pinnacle of this event was memorable. Our ceremony was a harmonious union of spirituality, paramount liveliness and exquisite décor. Breathtaking, ornate floral pieces adorned the catwalk and Chuppah. Our groom walked down the isle to a violinist serenading the crowd. Our bride’s silhouette displayed against white chiffon drapery while a pre-recorded Hebrew scripture filled the silence and anticipation in the room. Curtains slowly opened and our bride gracefully walked down the isle. An exchange of beautiful words filled the room with love. Now that our couple was wed it was time to party and that is exactly what happened. Guests entered a gleaming ballroom. One had to step back and soak up every aspect of the venue. A myriad of details adorned the ballroom with specialty touches everywhere. A true aura capturing, sense stimulating, pioneer of an event it was.Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 12.09.50 PM

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