The Designing Duo

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We’ve been receiving some questions in regards to events and planning and have decided to answer these questions on our blog for our followers to be in the know of how Lenell works and what we are all about.

Ask the expert: What are the key components to creating a one-of-a-kind event?

The Key Components to creating one-of-a-kind events are a milieu of things that work together in conjunction with the couple’s theme and experience they would like to create. Once the couple has decided upon a color palette and theme it lays the foundation for pioneering a fantastic event. This information allows us to source the venue, entertainment, cuisine and décor with the ability to implement dynamism while sustaining a polished experience.

Of course, above all.. the most important component would have to be…The COUPLE! Their energy sets the foundation for the whole day. Energy is fed off of them and permeates throughout the guests. A wedding is the union of a couple and the party is the experience that the newlyweds would like for their guests. Each couple is unique and adds that sparkle to their special day.

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