Fabulous Parties


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Of course it’s given that we love to plan events. And of course specifically, we love to plan Weddings…but the true icing on top of that big beautiful decadent chocolate cake is when our former brides tell us they have a baby on the way… oh what delightful news that is! It’s amazing to be a part of such significant milestones in people’s lives that have become dear friends over time. Such a blessing!

That is exactly the news we received on a bright sunny morning one day from one of our dear friends and former brides. We were a part of the beautiful planning of her grand wedding and now a part of her baby shower. So blessed to be a part of these significant days with her and her amazing family! Her baby shower was so beautiful; adorned with intricate details, graceful hints of blush pink, light green and white; All the flowers, decorations and signature pieces were seamlessly tied together creating such an amazing event.

We are so excited for the baby to come! Congrats to our sweet friend, we are so happy for you and your growing family!

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